Paperless NGX unable to login after installation


I have installed the Paperless NGX app, however, I am unable to login to it after installation. According to what I can find on the internet the username is admin, and the password is the one I entered during the installation. However, that password doesn’t get used. I tried making it a very simple password but still didn’t let me in. Seems like the install process is broken? I am running Yunohost on a VPS.

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Hello and welcome,

Please fill in the Support template you have blatantly ignored. Specifically, your YunoHost and Paperless version.

Thank you for your reply, I feel very welcome here. Yunohost is at 11.0.11 and Paperless NGX is at 1.11.0~ynh1.

You are welcome.

Can you also share the SSOwat version ? (It should be collapsed in the information of the Diagnosis page, or shown as output of sudo yunohost --version).

I have a feeling the latest version of SSOwat is bringing issues.

I am also unable to login into Paperless-NGX, on mobile I am getting a 404 error. What’s your error, specifically?

That’s also 11.0.11 (as of this morning when I found out there were updates)

What is the error displayed on screen?
Also, can you open your browser development tools with F12, and see the error codes (like 200, 404, 401, 500…) in the Network tab when you trigger the issue?

The error is: your username and password do not match. Try again. There is no error in the network tab.

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