Paperless-ngx MissingDependencyError: gs

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Hello everyone,

I recently posted on this forum to get help for save my entire yunohost (to re-install it on a computer), I do it and it work fine, like before.
But, before and after this re-installation, I always have problems with Paperless-ngx : all the webpage work well, but when I want to upload a file on it, I have an error ‘MissingDependencyError: gs’.
I search on the web, gs is for ghostscript. I had already ghostscript installed, try to updateit but it was already up to date. So I have ghost script working.
After this, i check with ‘which gs’ to find that ghostscript is on ‘/usr/bin/gs’, I found the config file of Paperless on ‘/var/www/paperless-ngx/paperless.conf’ and un-comment the line ‘PAPERLESS_GS_BINARY=/usr/bin/gs’ to try to force using it. After Restart the computer, I always have the error MissingDependencyError: gs.
For information, all apt package are up to date, the app Paperless-ngx on yunohost are up to date too.

I don’t know what to do, what I can do to resolve this problem. I already try to uninstall and re-install Paperless (no more results).

Thank you for your time,

Hi Ju…

It seems that the latest version of Paperless-ngx needs a version of Ghostscript that is not available in Bullseye / Debian 11, MissingDependencyError: gs after upgrade to version 2.1.1 · paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx · Discussion #4925 · GitHub

It can be resolved outside of apt, but takes some extra trouble that is not yet built into Yunohost.

Hello wbk,

Yes I found that. Yesterday I install GhostScript 10 with the sources. Now Paperless work.
Can’t the developper team put that into the installator to avoid novices do it ?

Thank you for your time,


Wohoo! Nice that you already were able to solve it :slight_smile:

Most probably they can, if even novices can do it. As you must have seen, there is an awful lot of stuff to be done on all fronts, and many things are being done by very few people in their spare time.

In this case, it is a newly introduced problem by upstream changes of less than a week old. With your help it is shown to be easily solvable by someone with moderate skills. Someone from the developer team could create and test a fix that works for everyone, but that time he or she can not spend on fixing something that someone with moderate skills can not easily fix.

I understand your reaction, please do not read my reply as an admonition :wink:

hi, did you compile gs from source or did you find a repository? can you give me a super short rundown on what you did? thanx!

Hi, you have the same problem as me ?

Think so… Upload issue caused by wrong GS version

Okay so I just download the source on the Ghostscript website (download page). An apt remove ghostscript before starting. Extract the compressed file on my yunohost server, on a terminal i execute the configure file, do the command make, wait for the end and do the command make install. The gs executable is on /usr/local/bin/gs so i modify the line PERLESS_GS_BINARY in the conf file of paperless (you can change the directory of the installation but i prefer like this to avoid problems).


Thank you, i search a lot by myself to find a solution (i don’t have acces to the computer after Monday).
Yes i assume that it is a newly introduced problem. I understood it afterward.
I hope that i will help other people.

Thank you,

Thanx allot Jules, I’ll give it a run asap

No problem, you will tell me if it is good for you.

Hi Jules,

Thank you for writing down the instructions for downloading/making gs!

Would you take the trouble to mark your post with the description as solution? That would help the next person to quickly find how get Paperless back to work.

By the way, are you (or @tmp501 ?) happy with Paperless(-ngx)? I have thought of installing it, but I was not sure whether I would use it. I guess you are, else you would not try to solve the problem :stuck_out_tongue: How do you fit it in your administration?

Hello wbk,

I had this problem so i wasn’t able to test it a lot, but for the little that i used it, it’s a very good tool. Everybody know this, you have all your important papers on your computer, each paper on a directory, nothing organised. Paperless allows to have every document on a single location, sort them, and keep them organised. For me it’s a big improvement of all of this. A second thing : when you’re at your work (for me at the university) and you need a document that is on your computer, before paperless you need to wait to go at home and find the document (in the sub directory of the subdirectory of the subdirectory… on the second disk of your computer, i joke a little…) but with paperless you just need an internet connection and you get the document.
After upload some documents, sort them manually, the new uploaded documents are automatically sorted, with a type and other categories, so it’s also a gain of time.

If you have the occasion to use it, just do it. At the first sight, we can see like superfluous, but it’s very useful.


Thank you for the introduction, I will try :slight_smile: I was under the impression that it was also used as a scanner interface with OCR, but that is not what you use it for?

I don’t know for that, it does OCR on each document that you upload with tesseract to collect all the text.

one of those apps you dont want to miss once you use it. just had to find out if my monitor still has warranty, found the bill dating back 8 years in a few seconds… you will find most info on their website, tagging docs with a rough folder structure, scans your email imap for attachments with filters ie. wallmartbill.pdf etc.
ocr process likes to get stuck at times, hope that improves over time. doing it manually before i upload them atm.

p.: that and piwigio/photomanagment… thanx to yunohost… would have never tried them otherwise

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working again! i skipped uninstalling ghostscript because i wanted to keep paperless-ngx-ynh-deps. i left the config as it was since the gs path did not change


tar -zxvf ghostscript-10.02.1.tar.gz
cd ghostscript-10.02.1

sudo make install

ps.: one thing about ocr getting stuck. it is because i only got 8gig of ram in this machine


There was new update for paperless-ngx, which I was happy about, hoping that it would solve dependancy issue and allow uploading of documents again… It didn’t solve anything, sadly, same problem.

What did the new update do exactly?

Kind Regards


hi all,
compiling gs by hand is a workaround and bring paperless back. but it does not solve the problem. paperless based on ubuntu, they will not take care debian oldstable user. paperless will break again by future updates. even more bad, how do you update self compiled gs. for normal user it is risky to do so.
the question is, is paperless a diamond app in yunohost? than yunohost has to take care with dependencies. that is a lot of trouble for the devs.

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Agreed. If the app has a a star it should work straight out of the box. Before anyone barks at me l do know and I do, as we all do, appreciate the work that all volunteers do to bring apps to us, but it would help if they continue to work.

I installed Paperless two months ago and started to use it in anger, it was perfect, it did what I needed it to do but on an update this dependency issue cropped up making it useless. Sorry.

I appreciate the hard done, I couldn’t do it that for sure but we are all self hosting apps that we slowly start to depend on until they break.