Paperless ngx disappeared after last update

Three weeks ago I made an update to paperless-ngx and when it finished the app was gone. I’ve tried to restore the backup that was created right before the update, but that failed as well:

2024-01-11 18:21:58,270: WARNING - psql: error: FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "paperless_ngx"

It is possible that the initial upgrade failed because the certificate of the associated domain was expired.

Is there anything I can do? At least export the configuration files (tagging, naming)?

Thank you for your help.

P.S. Here are the logs for the failed upgrade:

Can you please show the full log of failed restore?

Thank you. Here it is:

Can someone give me a tip on how to get at least the configuration back? I have the files, but tagging, changing dates, etc. was the most work.

Paperless is broken since Dec.2023, because Debian is too old, see: No longer able to upload docs. · Issue #51 · YunoHost-Apps/paperless-ngx_ynh · GitHub

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