Paperlass-ngx https:\\$HOST\api not found (Error 404)

My YunoHost Server
Hardware: VPS Purchased online
YunoHost Version: (stable)

I have access to my server: over SSH | over Webadmin |
Are you in a special context or have you made certain settings on your YunoHost instance? : no

Description of my problem

paperlass-ngx https:\$HOST\api

Error message

not found (Error 404)

All logs show no errors.

Best regards

  1. Context?
  2. What is $HOST? A domain, an IP address?
  3. Why are you using backslashes instead of slashes?
  4. Context?

Thank you.

The domain https:\$HOST\api is stored in YunoHost under Applications
paperless-ngx like this.

$HOST is an anonymization of my actual domain

Sorry, it is correctly called:


Do you mean this?


The human-accessible URL is the first one, is it working. The API one is meant for the mobile apps for example.

Thank you very much. I could now see how the API works with a concrete document. But a connection from a mobile application (paperless mobile) does not work.

YunoHost version: (stable)
Paperless-ngx for YunoHost version: 1.16.2~ynh2
user to log in: superuser

Error connecting from mpbile app to the server:

DioError [DioErrorType.response]: Https status error [200]

Source stack:
#0 Dio.Mixin.fetch (package:dio/src/dio_mixin.dart:473)

#1 Dio.Mixin.request (package:dio/src/dio_mixin.dart:468)

#2 Dio.Mixin.get (package:dio/src/dio_mixin.dart:55)

#3 API.checkCredentials (package:paperless_app/api.dart:250)

#4 (package:paperless_app/routes/login_route.dart:44)

For reference:

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