[PairDrop] Local file sharing

PairDrop for YunoHost

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Install PairDrop with YunoHost


PairDrop is a sublime alternative to AirDrop that works on all platforms.


  • File Sharing on your local network
    • Send images, documents or text via peer to peer connection to devices on the same local network.
  • Internet Transfers
    • Join temporary public rooms to transfer files easily over the internet!
  • Web-Application
    • As it is web based, it runs on all devices.

Shipped version: 1.8.2~ynh1

Demo: https://pairdrop.net/


Screenshot of PairDrop

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Very cool! Thanks for the work on this! :heart_eyes:

Wow! I put that on the wishlist yesterday evening and you’re already working on it. Incredible :smiley: Thanks a lot.

Ooohh, Interessting :smiley:

french : Ooohh. Interessant !