Packaging projects: TightURL and


Don’t know if it’s the best category to post it in, but at least you can take this message as an announcement and at best I’m open to discuss it with you, so let chat :smile:

I’m very new in the yunohost community (OHAÏ) but as for any new toy I’m very willing to participate. After a quick review of the (future) app list I saw that some of useful (IMHO) tools were missing. Thus I want to announce that I’ve begun to work on packaging the following app and will use this topic to let you know my advencement on these.

  • TightURL. At first I thought about lilurl, but the projects seems really old now (no update since 2005). If you have more modern/recent url shortener script in mind, do not hesitate to point them to me
  • Because audio scrobbling must be open :smile:
  • Diaspora. Much bigger project. But my day to day job involves RoR, thus I thought I should help on this subject. I’m thinking about a proper way to deploy RoR app using RVM in yunohost box. If some of you began to work on something similar, again I’m willingfull to help.

Love on you all

ohaï milouse !

For url shortener, there is already work in progress with Yourls and Zomburl. Yourls is working but did not receive much support from the other packagers to be integrated. Then @courgette started to package Zomburl. I don’t know why it is still ‘in progress’. Maybe you can check out that first. Check here and there.

For Diaspora there has been a attempt some time ago. You can check out and try to revive it. If I remember well it stopped because installation was taking ages. Maybe upstream has evolved since then and installation is less painfull ?

About, well… go ahead !
Please don’t forget to add a new entry here as soon as you started working on it.