Packaging gitolite and cgit, together or separated?

Hello there,

For my own need, I’m willing to package cgit (a lite git repositories front-end for the web) and gitolite (a lite git repositories back-end).

Together, they can achieve a more simpler alternative to gitea, gitlab etc. to expose our own repositories on the web (if we don’t plan to support advanced scenarii like merge request or issues tracking). However, they are still two different application and one could have legit reason to only want to install one of them.

Thus in order to provide the best experience for the admin (as stated in the doc, by keeping things simple and avoid non really required steps), what sounds the best for you?

Thank you very much!

  • Provide both gitolite and cgit as one “app”
  • Provide both gitolite and cgit as one “app”, but only enable cgit optionally
  • Create separated package for cgit and gitolite
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The main idea behind packaging them both in one app, is to avoid to ask to the admin at cgit install step where the git repositories are located on the machine. For me this is only an implementation details, and installing both in the same time allow to hide this setting. If we install them separately, we will need to find a way to expose this path somewhere in the gitolite admin panel, and ask the user about this path while installing cgit.