Packaging fail2web (blocked, fail2web unmaintained)

Hi folks,

I’ve decided to try and package fail2web as it was listed on the packaging wishlist and I’ve found myself explaining how to use fail2ban immediately after the postinstall step because new users have somehow been banned quite quickly running the first few ssh command incorrectly.

I wanted to start this thread to track progress and to let others know my plans.

So far, the package has not seen any development activity since 2017.

I have opened some tickets to start a discussion with the developer:

That’s all for now.

PS. I am new to this project, so not sure if this is useful to post but anyway :wink:


Given the response in, I will not be following up this effort until some maintainers are present to fix issues I’ve discovered and support the project. Unfortunate, as this kind of user interface is quite needed for such a tool.