Packaging Bookstack


I have a few questions, I hope this is the right place.

  • How does the applications packaging works from a community point of view? Can one suggest, vote?
  • I have pretty much everything I need on Yunohost (well done guys!), there is just one app that I love, Bookstack, that isn’t there yet. So how could I get it packaged?
  • Would it be a crazy idea to attempt packaging it by myself? Knowing that I have a very little knowledge regarding sysadmin and programming.
  • Is there a guide for packaging?
  • Is there any option I forgot that could help me using Bookstack in my beautiful Yunohost environment?

Thanks a lot and keep up the very good work :slight_smile:

Hello Munshine

You can add an app to the wishlist, but this list is already huge…
You can try, by opening a topic like you did, to find someone willing to package this app.
Or you can try to package it yourself.
I would recommend the last solution :slight_smile:

To package an app is not really difficult, at least we’re constantly trying to make it as simple as possible.
There’s a complete documentation about how to package an app, and you can always ask for some help here or on our chat room.
Bookstack seems to be quite easy to install, and our main principle is, if you can install an app by yourself, you’re can package it for YunoHost.
Have a look to the documentation, and to our example app, and come discuss with us on our chat room. Bookstack looks like a nice app, it would be wonderful to help the community know this app and use it easily.


Thanks a lot. I will try to package it myself then!

See you soon with a (hopefully) working packaged Bookstack.