Package proposal: mlmmj


would you be interested if I package the mlmmj mailing list software?

I know that:

  • there is already a mailing list package (ie mailman) but I love mlmmj as it has an extremely small footprint (which is imo very good for arm devices, Brique Internet etc), and is following the KISS principles
  • there is no admin web interface (at least there are, but I did not try them), but the mlmmj structure is so simple I’m not sure it’s useful. If needed I can look at what exists and adapt them. There is simple web archive viewer which I have improved for my needs (I’ve used the bulma framework to make it responsive) which I can integrate.
  • Development is quite stalled since 2017. Though it has recently been moved to Gitlab last year. This software is stable and robust already, and some developers are working on adding new features.

Anyway, if it can fit Yunohost principles and be usefull, I can work to make a package (I guess I’ll learn by starting from mailman package) or if not I just use it on my side :slight_smile:

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Yes i think several persons could be please to have a small mailing list system.

About admin web interface, do you know YunoHost integrates a “config panel” mechanism for apps ? It’s a feature that let packager to create some configuration panel integrated in YunoHost web admin.
I think in this situation it could be a good things to integrate this kind of panel.

Here you can find an example of configuration panel

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That’s indeed very interesting! Is it a one shot panel (ie only on install) or can it be used as many times as needed?

It can be used as many times as needed. It’s a beta feature already available and usable in 3.6 (but a bit hidden) and should be completely officialize with next version.

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