Owncloud - How to disconnect the PC app

Hi !

Long story short, my PC just got stolen, and on it, I installed the owncloud App for Windows.
What I would like to do, is to disconnect the PC app, so if the thieves figure out a way to access my session, they wouldn’t be able to connect to my server and delete files, for examples.

Does anyone know a way to do that ? I checked the owncloud website and they say that we can control the synchronized devices in the settings, but we apparently don’t have this setting in our version, with yunohost.

Thank you !

And I guess your hard drive wasn’t encrypted ?

I don’t know this setting, but first, change your Yunohost password as soon as possible.
The client use it to connect, so it’s stored on your PC (and maybe unencrypted), so the thief could connect to your Yunohost instance.