Overleaf's features currently missing or not functionning in Yunohost's package

Hi everyone,

I just installed Overleaf on my server, and it looks like it works properly, but… there are some features which are missing, or maybe those are actually issues with the default Yunohost configuration.

Some of the features that are not working as expected:

  • Sharing a project with a link, either just for viewing and with editing rights: Currently, Overleaf asks the visitors to login…

  • Review functions: Even thought the screenshot showcasing the application on Yunohost app’s Github shows the reviewing functionalities to be working (see overleaf_ynh/screenshot.png at master · YunoHost-Apps/overleaf_ynh · GitHub), after a fresh install, these functions are not available.

Maybe these issues are actually link to the configuration of Yunohost on the server, so if you have any hints about how to solve these issues, it would be very welcome.

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