Outgoing SMTP cert silently expired

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I have access to my server : ssh/webmin
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Description of my issue


My SMTP certificate expired on January 23. As a result, I’m not able to send mail using K9 or Thunderbird. There is no indication in the webmin or diagnostics that anything is wrong, and I can’t find any way to renew the certificate in the webmin or yunohost command suite.

How do I address this? I can, of course, manually create a new cert and adjust postfix settings but yuno in general doesn’t like when I do things like that.

Take a look at this post
Your problem seems to be the same

Ah yup, it was. Thanks @Benance.

To prevent the clickthrough:

  • Regenerate the postfix conf:
sudo yunohost tools regen-conf postfix


  • Update to 11.1, in which it is apparently fixed


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