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Description of my issue

I have 3 domains on my YNH server, both using mail and able to send mail to each other no problem. I have now decided to host my main email address on my YNH server along with my forth domain.

  • I added the new domain

  • Run the diagnostics

  • Applied a certificate

  • Updated my DNS with my registrar to point everything including mail to my server.

Everything works perfectly, the website and the email. Mail is great, it’s quick and easy to set up with Rainloop etc. and for the past few days that I have been testing it there have been no issues except for a couple of odd spam mails about new windows, medical stuff, etc. not much, I can deal with it, for now.

However, (there is always a however…) There is one email address that my SMTP server will not recognise. I could send to this particular email address no problem when the DNS was set to my previous mail provider but now when I send to this particular email address I get the following message:

[SMTP]Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server.)

I’m pretty good and getting my way around my server and learning all the time, but for the life of me I cannot figure this one problem out.

The only common denominator is that the email address I’m trying to send to is one of the domains hosted on my server but ONLY a website, no mail, no other apps.

So in summary:

email@thisdomain.com - No problem sending to this address when the MX details etc were pointing to my previous provider.

Now I have moved my email and changed the DNS to my YNH server, if I attempt to send to email@thisdomain.com I get the above error.

TLD thisdomain.com is one of my self-hosted YNH domains but has no users attached to it just a website.

Can anyone give me a clue of how to fix this? I’d really appreciate it, it’s my wife email address and now I can’t send emails to her from my server… What a pity.

Thanks very much


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