Our chatrooms' IRC / Matrix bridge is down

Hello all,

As you most likely know, our chatrooms are available on the XMPP, IRC, and Matrix platforms. They are bridged together so that any user from any platform can converse with any other user.

We rely on Libera.chat for the IRC platform, and Matrix EMS own “portalling” system to make the communication between IRC and Matrix work. They are in the process of changing things in the backend (cf. references below), which are currently affecting us, since Matrix has completely disabled any bridge/portal between the two platforms as a result.

In a nutshell:

:arrow_right: IRC users: Matrix users cannot see your messages on neither #yunohost:matrix.org or #yunohost:libera.chat
:arrow_right: Matrix users: IRC users cannot see your messages on the #yunohost channel on libera.chat.`

The developers and apps developers chatrooms are also affected.

There is no timeline for the resolution, sorry for the inconvenience.
In the meantime, you are still most welcome here on the forum. :wink: