Other web apps alongide yunohost?

I’ll be dedicating a machine for home server needs. I’d like to use it for all my web-app needs, starting nextcloud & wallabag, ending with photoprism or even jitsi server. Some of those are already on yunohost, and it is a big convenience, some are not. If I choose using Yunohost, am I limited to its apps? Or can I install other apps alongside, like in a regular debian system (dockerized or not)?

You can install like on a regular debian (modulo adding some custom permission in /etc/ssowat).
However, about jitsi, the app is not package due to an issue with metronome the xmpp server included in yunohost, jitsi need prosody. So if you try to install jitsi you probably need to run prosody in a docker and to stop metronome…


What you say about metronome-jitsi situation sounds weird. Why would Yunohost, which is created for modularty, come with a single preinstalled xmpp solution, which does not have video conference functionality and even blocks having it?

Yunohost at the beginning was just ‘kload’ wanted to have a web ui to recreate easily the ‘beudbeud’ server. I think xmpp was in the beudbeud server.

After that apps system has been added, but xmpp was still in the core. Since that we though to remove or replace metronome from the core, but all people who tried that hasn’t finished the work (cause it’s not an easy short work)…

It’s not totally true, since the beginning of the project we have announce to base yunohost on top of a base (nginx, postfix, dovecot…), for example you couldn’t use apache2 with yunohost.

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