osTicket API returns 404

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS in self-hosted Proxmox cluster
YunoHost version: 11.2.3
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin |
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
If yes, please explain:

Description of my issue

I’m trying to use the osTicket API with the Wordpress osTicket plugin.
This uses the /api/tickets.json endpoint. I couldn’t get the plugin to work and it doesn’t seem to log or error, so I have been testing with curl and python.
I had to enable visitor access to osTicket and the osTicket API to allow API key access, but a curl request as documented (curl -d "{}" -H "X-API-Key: xxxxxxx" https://my.server/api/tickets.json) returns a 404.
In the nginx error log I get this: "/usr/share/nginx/htmlapi/http.php/tickets.json" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: my.server, request: "POST /api/tickets.json HTTP/2.0", host: "my.server"

The osTicket code has a .htaccess file and this has been adapted to nginx in my.server.d/osticket.conf:

location ~ ^/api/(?!http.php/)(.*) { try_files $uri $uri/ /api/http.php/$1; }

So it looks like the document root isn’t being picked up unless I’m missing something.

Fixed it by putting the ^/api location outside of the root (/) location stanza. I’ll make an issue / pull request on the install script repo.

Ah, my pull request was accepted but there was a semi-colon missing so it breaks the available update. Fixed and posted another pull request if someone can accept it soon.

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