[opinion] there should be an option to remove the logo on atleast the apps that anonymous users can see (aka front facing sites)

so I’ve searched around for quite a time here for a solution to that issue (this is not a support request) and found of that it’s already been implemented in the dev branch at some point in the past but never has it made it to the stable release, yes there are workarounds that you can do with your files but if you edit anything the panel no longer lets you edit anything from the website either (which breaks part of the appeal of yunohost), Now I understand that it’s a free service and that they aren’t forcing anybody to pay for it but it’s kind of annoying because other than that I love the service but now I’m having to look for alternatives…

I’m not sure that i understand very well because i’m not so far familiar with english, so, don’t hesitate to tell me if it’s something else that you search. There’s an option to remove the logo:

yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False

If you only want to remove on an app and not everywhere, you must use a hook like in this post:

I don’t understand what you mean. If you modify a file, you can’t use the webadmin? I don’t think it’s the case, i’ve never seen it. Could you please elaborate?


well now I’ve made a fool of myself because that command worked perfectly… out of curiosity where did you find that information at because I tried looking for it for 3 days and found nothing other than some hacky workarounds where you have to edit some files… and the error part is the fact it won’t update certain files if they’ve been manually edited… my apologies if I’ve made a jerk of myself here I was just really frustrated at the time of writing…

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To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the command too :blush:
I guess this option will be added in the webadmin at one point…

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Global settings are still considered experimental-ish, so it’s not a surprise you did not find them.

Feature draft that will bring them in the webadmin: Global settings using ConfigPanel by Tagadda · Pull Request #1428 · YunoHost/yunohost · GitHub

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Since you spent 3 days searching for that information, and you found the correct answer, it would be useful to have that information added to the documentation of yunohost. You can add it in the right place to help others having the same needs.

You can find the command with the help option.

yunohost --help

you see that it exist the settings argument
Then, you call again the --help option:

yunohost settings --help

and now you can read:
list: list all entries of the settings
set: set an entry value in the settings
Now, you know all the settings you can manage :slightly_smiling_face:

yunohost settings list

And i find the option that you search:

default: True
description: Enable SSOwat panel overlay
type: bool
value: True

yunohost settings set --help

usage: yunohost settings set key [-h] [-v VALUE]
set an entry value in the settings
positional arguments:
key Settings key
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v VALUE, --value VALUE
new value

it only remains to pass the command line:

yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False

You can find a lot of things with the --help option (not all are well documented

That’s right only if you edit the files directly. The good practice is to use a hook to allow the updates and use some custom configurations.
the hook /etc/yunohost/hooks.d/conf_regen/17-nginx_yunopanel that you can find in the link of my previous post do the same.
When the ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled setting wasn’t avalaible, it was the right way to remove the logo.

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