OpenVPN ... broken application

Hello all,
I ve read that OpenVPN app has been moved from official app list to “very dangerous child eater” list.
Why this ? It’s a security issue ? or other ?

Thanks for all answer :slight_smile:

Can I do anything to resolve this issue ?

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I’m interested in too !

Plus, nothing is said on the github repository :frowning:

Thanks for your job !


You can find all related openvpn issues here:✓&set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=category_id&op[category_id]=%3D&v[category_id][]=17&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=category&c[]=subject&c[]=updated_on&c[]=fixed_version&group_by=&t[]= All our issues are switched to our Redmine (having zillion of github repositories was hard to handle).

The main problem is that we don’t have anyone to maintain it. Sebian has proposed itself for that and is looking at it, but like most of us he lacks free time. I guess that you can contact him for that, I’m going to point this thread to him.

Have a nice day,

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