Openstreetmap, Points Of Interest added by hand, self-hosted


I’m looking for a self-hosted solution to add some POI (Points Of Interest) on an Openstreetmap, behind a passworded webpage…

Thx in advance !!

Umap fits your need, but its YunoHost package is not working yet.

Yeah, I’m working on it. For instance package is not working, however, I’m here to help installing it if needed.

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Thx for your answer !
I think Umap will be cool to share maps/POI with others, but not enough to have a passworded map/POI.

My goal is to share with workmates some sensible data on a map, so it needs to be a the LAN, or protected behind a login/password page :wink:

Ouch my bad !!!
Ok, when going into the little key icon on the right, it’s possible to set up permissions :slight_smile:

It looks like ok, my workmates only need to register / login with Openstreetmap or other possible webtools.