Onlyoffice or Collabra

OnlyOffice is working on my server, but now I ran into the problem that mobile editing is not supported and that there is a 20 person limit who can connect and work on the server at the same time.

It seems there is no real alternative in the YNH world… right? Or is there work done on Collabra or LibreOffice as alternatives?

Some more info on this can be found in the Nextcloud forum:

I guess you mean OnlyOffice ?

There’s already a working~ish Collabora app … but Collabora has its own set of arbitrary limits (something like 5 documents opened at the same time ?)

This is in fact “easy” to remove and we could provide some sort of automatic patch that disable that limitation - but then we fall into some stupid legal issues about “if you modify that stuff you can’t call your app collabora because it’s protected by trademark and stuff”. Which sounds completely whatthefuck when you know that this is supposed to be free software. But yeah, we tried to solve that mess and talked about it during dozens of hours, and there’s no real conclusion expect “meh”.

hm… that is a real bummer. So for unlimited collaborative editing in YNH the only real option is Cryptpad. But that doesn’t integrate with NC and is not as easy to use as OnlyOffice for a novice…