OnlyOffice Enterprise Edition - Manual installation / Installation manuelle?

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Matériel: Serveur privé OVH
Version de YunoHost: (stable)
J’ai accès à mon serveur : SSH, webadmin, interface utilisateur, tout est ok.
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Description du problème

Bonjour à toute la communauté et merci pour votre travail sur ce beau projet qu’est Yunohost est qui m’a permi de me lancer dans l’administration serveur.

Ma question concerne une éventualité que je n’ai vue discutée nulle part dans mes recherches : est-il possible d’installer la version “Enterprise Edition” de OnlyOffice sur Yunohost ? J’ai réussi à installer l’application qui correspond à la version “Community Edition” et j’ai vu que certains sujets s’intéressent à dépasser les limites de 20 documents ouverts simultanément par divers biais. Qu’en est-il de la possibilité d’installer la version Enterprise Edition et de payer la licence pour une usage plus poussé ?

N’ayant rien trouvé à ce sujet, j’imagine qu’il faut passer par une installation manuelle en suivant les indications d’OnlyOffice. Suivre l’installation en ligne de commande expliquée ici ne me fait pas peur, mais je suis encore assez loin de comprendre toute l’architecture de Yunohost et la structuration en différentes applications installées sur des sous-domaines ou non. Est-il possible de réaliser cette installation “à la main” sans causer de problème avec Yunohost ? Et si oui comment réaliser cette installation “sur un sous-domaines” en ligne de commande ?

English version

Hello to the whole community and thank you for your work on this great project that is Yunohost is which allowed me to get started in server administration.

My question concerns a possibility that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere in my research: is it possible to install the “Enterprise Edition” version of OnlyOffice on Yunohost? I managed to install the application which corresponds to the “Community Edition” version and saw that some topics are interested in exceeding the limits of 20 documents open simultaneously through various means. What about the possibility of installing the Enterprise Edition version and paying the license for further use?

Having found nothing on this subject, I imagine that it is necessary to go through a manual installation following the instructions of OnlyOffice. Following the command line installation explained here doesn’t scare me, but I am still quite far from understanding the whole architecture of Yunohost and the structuring in different applications installed on subdomains or not. Is it possible to perform this installation “manually” without causing any problem with Yunohost? And if so, how do you perform this installation “on a sub-domain” in command line?

Merci pour votre temps et bonne journée.
Thanks for your time and have a nice day.


Without to be totally sure. I think it’s the same code, so you just have to install onlyoffice_ynh and to put (manually) the license key in /etc/onlyoffice (or something like that).

Ideally, we could imagine to use the new config panel mechanism (ynh 4.3 testing) to allow to upload the license key… But i think this should be discuss with other contributors cause it would be the second case where paying things are advertise in webadmin (the first is .cube vpn with vpnclient…).


Many thanks for your quick answer.
Actually I first thought too that it was the same code and that I only had to insert the license key file in the correct directory (as explained here) but I did that and it’s not working.

After that I checked for any difference in the installation process between the Community Edition page and the Enterprise Edition page :

  • Community edition : sudo apt-get install onlyoffice-documentserver
  • Enterprise edition : sudo apt-get install onlyoffice-documentserver-ee

So I guess there is a difference…
Besides I asked the OnlyOffice support team who just answered me that I need to have the Enterprise Edition.

EDIT : I solved my little remaining issue with the nextcloud connector configuration. So I do confirm that the OnlyOffice_ynh application corresponds to the Community Edition version which is not the same as the Enterprise Edition. Therefore I cannot simply add the license file to upgrade the number of users and I’m back to my first questions : can I manually install the Enterprise Edition version and still get it to work with the Yunohost architecture ? And if that’s possible, how do I launch the process in order to install it in a given sub-domain ?

Many thanks for your help !


I have a similar issue. I have added the license file to the right directory (/var/www/onlyoffice/Data/license.lic), but the license is not recognized somehow.

Someone here figured this out? Maybe @Robisar did in the meantime?

Hi @dosch,

Actually since that I moved my server to docker instead of yunohost, on which this was not an issue anymore.
I talked about my question once with a friend who told me I should just try to install onlyoffice enterprise manually via ssh as explained on the onlyoffice wiki but when we had that discussion I had already moved to docker so I didn’t try it…
Hope this helps a little.


Thnx @Robisar for getting back to this, even if you have moved on to another solution!
Will try to find another solution…