Ongoing outage on the infrastructure / Problème sur l’infrastructure

There seems to be an ongoing problem with the infrastructure. is no longer available, as is the forge for installations and updates of the YunoHost overlay.
Certificates can’t be renewed.

The team works to solve these problems.

FR :


Il semble qu’il y ait un problème en cours sur l’infrastructure. n’est plus joignable, tout comme la forge pour les installations et mises à jour de la surcouche YunoHost.
Les certificats ne peuvent être renouvelées.

L’équipe travail à la résolution de ces problèmes.


So the server is back online but it seems in a bad state so we are migrating it during this night.


well noted. Thanks for letting us know, good luck.

Full support to you guys, thanks for keeping us informed :pray:

We have migrated all important services on our Globenet server.

On the todo:

  • Migrate ns1 from globenet to another server (because ns0 is now on globenet server)
  • Migrate our prometheus monitoring and alert panel from globenet to our tetaneutral VPS
  • Migrate our infra documentaton from globenet to our tetaneutral VPS
  • Find a solution for (need too much ram to be on current globenet server)
  • Decide what to do with (currently down)
  • Change the data cable of bearnaise (io error could be due to this cable)
  • Check backup routine

Our CI for x86_64 apps will probably stay on bearnaise (in Myrys Tetaneutral DC).

If maintaining is a burden for you, I can welcome you on

if you need help from me either to fix weblate or to migrate to fedora project, just reach me on

(for transparency, I’m both the maintainer of the weblate package in yunohost, and the fedora localization community coordinator)

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We’ve just stopped it because we don’t have enough resources yet on the server where we’ve migrated things.

Idk when it will be back online, I’m in the middle of a house moving.


It seems that and the forge are not responding : is it only on my side ?


On my computer and smartphone is not responding, too.

Now it is responding again. :slight_smile:

There was a DDoS on one of our provider this morning, it seems to have ended since then.