Odoo / LibreErp : "external" YNH users

Thanks for the awesome work on YNH, it is truly an amazing product. I have been using and following the project for 5 years now, and it is a really solid experience.

I was planing to play with LibreErp to see if I could use it as our main ERP & CRM, but halas, it seems that YNH users are not users in LibreERP. Like, they are considered external and thus have no rights whatsoever.
Is that on purpose, or is it a bug ? I would prefer that each user created in YNH interface are active company users in Libre Erp.
Am I missing something ?

You can also try to request this in the repo (and make a link between the request and the forum) : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/libreerp_ynh: LibreERP package for YunoHost

Thanks !
But I just notice I did indeed missed something.
In the LDAP configuration, you can choose a template user for new ldap users.
So I made a template user with all the right that I wanted and now YNH users are by default internal user as expected.
One last tip : if you delete YNH users in libreERP, they are created back upon the next connection in YNH, with the right rights this time.

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Hi there !
@Oni-Shadow could you explain how you created your template user please ?
I’m trying to setup my own LibreERP and I’m struggling to create one that has the right rights.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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