OCR inside Nextcloud

Has anybody got OCR working with Nextcloud on YNH. I’ve been messing with the the setup for hours and frankly I think I’m over my head. Does it even work within the YNH framework?

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Can you give at least a little bit of details ?
For example : the full template you removed when the topic creation was opened.
Add to it the NextCloud version.
And then, the name of the NextCloud app you want to make work, and links that can help (store, source, documentation).

On my side I managed a few years ago to make un app that recolonise people in pictures, it was a little bit complicated, but worked.

As I can not find the app in NextCloud, I can not look for anything. (and maybe you are running Yunohost 0 beta 1, with a NextCloud from 1970…)

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YNH = 11.2.5
Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.2)
Everything is fully up to date and working normally. Server is a machine in my basement and has been running great for about 5 yrs.

The app that I used for OCR is Workflow OCR. https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/workflow_ocr

I followed all the instructions her: GitHub - R0Wi-DEV/workflow_ocr: This is a Nextcloud Workflow App which enables you to process files via OCR on serverside.
But nothing seems to actually happen. When I upload a PDF (I’ve only tested with PDF’s so far) and then search for a term within that PDF, nothing pulls up in search.

If someone else has got OCR working on their YNH Nextcloud install then I would continue trying to figure out what is not working, but if others have not managed to get it running, then I would spend my time finding other solutions to the problem I’m actually trying to solve (which is having searchable files.)

Can you provide NextCloud’s logs when it is supposed to scan for files ?
Are the flows and tags installed ?

It seems it can notify errors, it could also help.

I have a dim memory ocr does not work til you install tesseract english language, than your wanted language

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