Ntfy: client default server is ntfy.sh

TL ; DR:

Ntfy client config use the ntfy.sh server. Is it meant to be this way ? I would think that by default, it should use the “local” server ? Or is this an intended behaviour ?

Longer version:

Hi again everyone ! (I sure do post a lot lately, do not hesitate to tell me to stop/slow down :sweat_smile:)

I just installed ntfy, it is great, love it ! I use it for some custom scripts. Since I it installed on my server, and the server package comes with the client capabilities too, I guessed it would be cleaner to use the proper cli client instead of relying on curl. So I tried running for example:

/var/www/ntfy/ntfy publish yunotest "cli"

Perfect, the command works. But I expected the message to end up on my own ntfy server. Instead, it ends up on the public “generic” ntfy.sh server.

So my question is: shouldn’t the default server be the local one, since we know for a fact that it is installed and configured with everything we need to access it ?

Thank you for your attention !

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