Nouvelle application : Puter


j’ai découvert une pepite, que j’aimerais bien isntallé sur mon yunohost :confused:
puter qu’en pensez vous svp ?

et pensez vous que ça va etre mis dans Yunohost

merci à tous

Tu peux ajouter une entrée dans la Wishlist des applications.
Après, est-ce que ça vaut le coup ? Je ne pense pas que ce soit vraiment la question. L’objectif et de facilement gérer un hébergement privatif, donc why not :slight_smile: .

Looks fun :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find their download page so quickly, but their terms of use are quite firm:

Put simply, the Services (including all components thereof) are the property of Puter and our licensors and are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and any other proprietary rights.

Towards their devs they are equally hostile:

You hereby grant to Puter, for the Term, a licence to use any trademarks and branding you provide as part of your App(s) to use for the purposes of publicity, promotion, and advertising of Puter and Puter’s Services, as Puter may reasonably deem appropriate,

Apart from them not allowing you any of their “IP”, they

Puter accesses, processes, stores and scans your User Data. You give us permission to do those things, and this permission extends to our affiliates and the trusted third parties we work with

don’t mind to use your IP for their benefits.

All the while,

Certain open-source software, components, utilities, and other third-party software not owned or developed by Puter (the “Open-Source Software”) may be embedded in the Services.

… there’s no link to any (A)GPL-licensed third-party software not owned by this scam.

I’d stay at more than an arm’s length away from this service. Maybe wash my browser after visiting.


Seems in AGPL3 puter/LICENSE.txt at master · HeyPuter/puter · GitHub


In fact, I think the client is opensource, however the API (backend) seems not to be opensource as I see in the production documentation, it calls for API endpoint. And the code provided seems to be only front. See : puter/docs/ at master · HeyPuter/puter · GitHub

That’s positive, they should advertise the fact on their landing page. Nothing there induced me to search Github for a namesake!

Browsing their discussion list, it seems planned to opensource the backend. I hope to get proven wrong on all accounts in my rant earlier :wink:

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