Notifications for system and / or app updates?

Just a thought:

How about, similar to notifications about abnormalities in the system, sending notifications from YunoHost when there are any updates in the system and / or in the apps?

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Just install apticron (maybe installed by default ?)

You also could run yunohost tools update (or a script including this command) in a cron task.

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Thanks for these hints @Kit

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was installed and activated right away for new users?

According to the motto:

" YunoHost is an operating system aiming for the simplest administration of a server."



I don’t know exactly if it could helps but there is the “unattended upgrade” app in the catalog :


that is a good point.

I wonder if it could be made as part of diagnosis? that script runs via cron twice a day and emails the admin when there is a ‘problem’

maybe a ‘problem’ could be that there are updates available?


I wonder if it could be made as part of diagnosis?

That would probably be the best solution.


I personally prefer updates that I can monitor.

With unattended upgrades, there is a possibility that something may go wrong, and the host operator may not be aware of this.

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Yes, I prefer too.
So I use apticron … but it’s only for Debian package, not for YunoHost apps and system :

Implementation in the diagnosis for Debian side with YunoHost apps and system could be a solution.
Unfortunately I have not this competence for now to make a pull request on GitHub.


And running yunohost tools update in a script / cronjob works, but sends email, whether there are updates or not.

Here is a small script which should send a mail only if there are updates. The part with a log file is optional but maybe could be usefull to know when the update ran for the last time.

Running twice yunohost tools update is a bit dirty, maybe there is a way to get the available update without running yunohost tools update a second time.


LOG=($(eval echo ~$USER/update.log)) #log file for this script

date > $LOG

if yunohost tools update | grep "Nothing to do"  >/dev/null 2>&1; then
        echo "Nothing to update" >> $LOG
        yunohost tools update
        echo "Update available" >> $LOG