Notes: NextCloud App Android Certificate Issue

I want to use the NOTES app in NextCloud on my Android phone, but cannot sign into the server. I get ‘invalid login: server connection is broken.’ I understand this is due to the self-signed certificate that Yunohost uses. Is there any solution to this issue?

Are you sure it’s because of the certificate ?
(Does it works in a browser ? )

What version of Yunohost do you use ? If it’s >2.6, installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate is really easy and fast :wink:

Ya … certificate issue as noted here:

It would be cool if the app accepted custom certificates, but as a workaround you can use Let’s Encrypt’s certificates :wink:
It’s a one-click option, and you (or other users) would not have to add an exception in your browser settings.

Thanks! I don’t see a ‘one-click option.’ Am I missing something? (Note: I’m not a server guy … just an end user muddling my way through setting up Yunohost. lol.)

Well if I do remember well, or the domains panel, you have a button to install a Let’s Encrypt certificate.
What version do you use ? You need >2.6


I run Yunohost on a Raspberry Pi in my house. According to ‘System Update’ in control panel, my system is fully up to date … not sure how to get to 2.6. Do I have to reload Yunohost onto my SD card in my Pi maybe?

EDIT: Ahhh - I see it now. I will work on this when I get home this evening. Thanks!!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to make a backup before updating (just in case ;))

Just to follow up, I did finally get the Let’s Encrypt Certificate installed and I’m now able to use the Notes App on my Android. See this thread for all Certificate install issues I had: Unable to install certificate after fresh install on R pi

Anyway - it is working now. Thanks for the advice.

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