Not seeing newest Gitea in catalog

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Description of my issue

Sorry if this is incredibly obvious–I just did my first YunoHost installation today. I went to install Gitea, but did a doubletake when seeing that the latest version in the catalog is 1.4.5 while the latest released version is 1.5.10.

I then went to the package repository linked from the catalog, and its README claims it’s shipping 1.5.10. So, a few questions:

  1. Why is the catalog version outdated, and is there a way I can get the updated version to show in the catalog?
  2. Assuming there are more hoops to jump through, I see that I can install a custom app. Will this keep the app updated when the Git repo is updated with newer versions?
  3. If I do install Gitea via the custom method, will this cause issues if it ever gets added to the catalog at its new, updated version?

Thanks, this project looks great so far!

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You missed my answer on matrix…

Gitea master → 1.14.5
Gitea testing → 1.15.10

Ah, missed it because I broke Matrix .well-known delegation on my main domain while setting this up. Sorry, should arrive shortly.
But I notice the version jumps from 1.4.5 to 1.5.10. Does that indicate this package wasn’t updated in YunoHost since 1.4.5?
Also, how do I install the testing version? Entering the git URL directly just fetched 1.4.5.

You can use this to install or upgrade to upgrade to version 1.16.1

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade gitea -u --debug
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One more question. If I install the testing version, will I have issues switching/migrating my data over to the released version when it becomes available?

no, you will get notified when a new version is available like a normal upgrade

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