Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et



pouvez vous supprimer

merci pour votre travail

Can you remove


@Azarel done
@mathiasfou done
@mrloyal1410 done


Hi, can you please delete the domain
Thank you!

Done :wink:



can you please remove the domain

Thank you very much!

Done. :wink:


Hello, can you remove:the 2 domains - Thanks:

Done. :wink:

I didn’t find this one. Are you sure it’s the good domain ?

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Hello. Is there any way to retrieve a previously set domain?

I set up two instances of Yunohost, and used two of these domains, which I would like to ue again. But when I configure a new Yunohost, it is telling me the domains are used. If they can’t be retrieved, then can you please reset these two?


Thanks again for yunohost.

I had a problem on a fresh install with my harddrive. Can’t use it anymore.
Can you reset this sub domain ?

Thanks a lot.

Done. :wink:

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Hi, can you please delete the domain
Thank you in advance.


Please delete:

Thank you.

Hello, As it’s my first try with Yunohost, could you please delete these
DNS : and Thanks


si je sauvegarde ma config Yunohost, et ce que lors d’une re installation je peu utiliser le backup pour restore ma config, sans devoir demnder la suppression
du dns a chque fois ?

Good morning,

If I backup my Yunohost config, can I use the backup to restore my config, without having to request the deletion of the dns each time?
of the dns each time?

Hi, could you erase
Thanks. Need to reinstall full set-up.

Merci de supprimer pour une réinstallation sur du nouveau matériel.
Merci. Bonne journée

Please remove for a new installation on new hardware.
Thank you. Have a nice day

Merci de supprimer ****
Merci. Bonne journée

Please remove **
Thank you. Have a nice day

Good day all,

I apologize if i initially posted incorrectly.

I was installing the yunohost server on a raspberry Pi and once I reached the domain configuration, I opted to get “”. The system resumed the setup after confirming the domain name, but it got stuck later.

I refreshed the page, but I had to start again and this time at the domain selection stage, when I put “” I get an error message “The domain ‘’ is unavailable.”

Similar thing happened while setting up a VirtualBox VM using “”, so I tried “” but it told me that I already registered. but I cannot continue with the post installation

So please if you can reset them? I really just need only one of them.

Thank you