Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et



Merci beaucoup !!


Thanks a lot !

Cannot install nextcloud on fresh yunohost

Merci de supprimer le domaine suivant :


C’est fait :wink:


Merci :clap: :muscle:



can you please remove

Thank you



merci de supprimer les domaines suivant :



Fait / Done !


Thank you Aleks,

though that install went wrong again could you again delete

Thanks again



Merci de supprimer (réinstallation en cours :slight_smile:)



Could you please remove and

Thank you!


Fait / done ! :wink:


Thank you again!



Pouvez-vous supprimer ?

Merci d’avance.


Hi! Sorry for the loong list but I’ve literaly done thousands of trial installs because I couldnt get it to work jeje. Could you please delete (date of creation added as “proof it was me”, sort of): - 12/8/18 - 13/8/18 - 13/8/18 - 11/8/18 - 12/8/18 - 1/8/2018 - 1/8/18 - 31/7/18

I dont know if I tried it with, I think I did because I tried to register it and it didn’t work, so no idea. If I did register it, please delete it hehe. Now I am using, but I think you can erase it as well, as as soon as I can re register one of the loreak domains, I’ll cease to use. Thank you once again for your work and sorry for this huge amount of domains :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s indeed a long list haha :stuck_out_tongue: Done !


Hi guys i’m sorry but i messed up… Could you delete please?


Done !


Est-il possible de supprimer
Merci bien


Bonjour, serait-il possible de retirer le domaine ?
Merci d’avance.