No user can log on yunohost web interface


Version française plus bas.

Recently, I added to new subdmains to my yunohost configuration.
The first domains were:

  • domain1.tld
  • domain2.tld
    The 2 domains added are:
  • home.domain1.tld
  • home.domain2.tld

The default domain was domain1.tld.
The default domain is now home.domain1.tld

My YunoHost configuration

Hardware: x64 VM running on ProxMox server.
Internet access: ethernet at home
YunoHost version: yunohost:
repo: stable
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2

Description of my problem

The issue is that now when a user tries to log on the web interface:

  • if he enters a bad password, he receives an bad password error.
  • if he enters a good user/password credential, nothing happens. The user/password is asked again.

I have updated the password of different users with yunohost user command. But it is not a user/password issue.
I have executed several times a ‘yunohost service regen-conf’

What are the log files to be checked ?
What can I do ?

Can you confirm that the issue happens across different browser or machine (e.g. it might be your browser refusing cookies)

I’ve been using the same browser for years, and the same issue is occuring on many machines with all users.
But you’re right, I’m going to try other browsers. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, etc.

I’ll let you if it’s improving anything…

I tried Internet Explorer 11, and was able to open Yunohost directly. So the issue is related with my browser or some parameters (latest Firefox version).

Connections using either Internet Explorer or Google chrome are working perfectly.

I’ve not changed at all my firefox parameters, and deleted my browser cache related to mu yunohost connection.
What can be wrong with Firefox ?

ESR version of Firefox (60.5.1) is also working perfectly.

So it seems that only the very latest version (65.0.x) of firefox won’t allow a normal connection.

Did you check if you have plugins or settings related to cookies for instance ?

The plugins installed on my firefox:

  • uBlock Origin
  • uMatrix
  • SmartReferer => Disabled.
  • Decentralized
    These plugins have been installed for months or years, and nothing has been notified recently.
    On my computer’s wife, we are facing the same issue, and the plugins are not the same.

There is certainly something related to the plugins or cookie parameters to figure out.
However no plugin has been installed and no parameters has been modified recently, either on my laptop, or on my wife’s…

If someone has an idea, or an explanation, please let me know…

Shame on me !!
In fact, the issue came from cookies. I thought I had erased them, but I was wrong.

After a complete deletion, I was able to log on properly…

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