No more updates available for apps

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version: 4.2.4
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin | direct access via keyboard / screen | …
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

So for the past days I saw updates available for Peertube, Nextcloud, and Cryptpad. I postponed the updates and I wanted to do them today. But today the system says there are no updates available…

sudo yunohost tools upgrade apps
Info: All apps are already up-to-date

My Nextcloud version currently is: 20.0.7~ynh1 - Peertube 3.1.0~ynh5 - and Cryptpad 4.4.0~ynh1

As I recall these are not the latest versions. I have no idea what happened - all of these were available for update yesterday and I did nothing since then.

same here

My bad, turns out I broke the app catalog and it ended up being empty, which is, “not cool”

Anyway that should be fixed, you can refresh the app catalog by opening the “system upgrade” section of the webadmin (or in CLI, ‘yunohost tools update apps’)


THANKS - now it works again…

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