No maintainers for Hubzilla?

The currently installed version of Hubzilla is 8.8.6.

Version 8.8.7 was released over two months ago.

After version 8.8.8 and 9.0.0, version 9.0.1 has now been released. The updates also contained security-relevant updates!

Are there no longer any maintainers for the app?

Testing is in 8.8.8 : Testing by ericgaspar · Pull Request #172 · YunoHost-Apps/hubzilla_ynh · GitHub
PR to go to v9 is existing too : Upgrade to v9.0 by yunohost-bot · Pull Request #174 · YunoHost-Apps/hubzilla_ynh · GitHub
(while this PR exists, no bot will come to go to 9.0.1)

I am not really knowing the process, maybe more tests are needed by users to validate this ?

I also don’t know what the specific procedures are for releasing a new version. But I have the feeling that there is no longer a lead person responsible.

that’s true, there is no dedicated maintainer for this package

if you want, you could be the maintainer for the hubzilla package

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You’ll laugh, I would even be open to taking on such a task. However, it wouldn’t be possible overnight because I would first have to familiarise myself with the packaging process, the procedures, the rules and mechanisms at YunoHost. Without the support of an experienced maintainer (as an initial helper), I’m afraid I wouldn’t be up to the task.

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We are indeed providing support to help people packaging
You can ask on the YunoHost-apps channel: Chat rooms | Yunohost Documentation

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I’ll think about it over the holidays. I would actually take this on because Hubzilla is close to my heart and YunoHost is a good way for many to run their own hub.

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I have recently looked into the requirements for app support. It’s really getting a bit too much for me personally. It’s not just about simply releasing packages, but also about testing and customising them. And this task also comes with quite a lot of responsibility, because users then rely on me. To do that, I would have to be very sure that I know exactly what I’m doing.

If it were that simple, Hubzilla would be on version 9.0.1 by now, because someone must have been doing it on the side. Someone must have maintained Hubzilla on a temporary basis. But since nothing is happening now, I’m afraid that more work will have to be done for the new versions. And I’m simply not fit enough for that when it comes to the architecture and systematics of YunoHost.

So it was with a heavy heart that I decided to leave it alone.

I run a hub with the latest version as a custom web app anyway. And it runs perfectly. I will soon install a second custom web app and try to migrate the hub, which runs as a YonuHost Hubzilla app, to it. These are things I’m confident about. Package maintainer is rather not. :wink:

There are 500+ apps in the catalog and 10? 20? 30? people maintaining them, hence the delays. If an upgrade requires some work that’s OK if it takes time, still better than waiting for overworked people to get to it eventually. If you feel like doing this single upgrade but not taking maintenance over that’s OK IMO, still pushes the app forward.

Every contribution helps!


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