No Junk folder created by the Dovecot for junk/spam emails

The users on my server don’t have the Junk folder in the inbox and it has to be created manually so that the junk/spam emails can go to it.
Dovecot should not create the Junk folder by itself if its not there? Further can the Rspand be trained so that junk emails can be caught by user behavior and is there a way by which a user can blacklist or put the emails to junk automatically from a particular email id ?

Hmm, I think you should open a ticket on the bugtracker for this ? This looks like a feature request (or a bug, idk)

@kanhu did you open a ticket? I got the same problem with Junk.

Error: sieve: msgid=<>: failed to store into mailbox 'Junk': Mailbox doesn't exist: Junk