No IP Adress Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB)


Hi, everyone,
I’m trying to install Yunohost on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB). Unfortunately I don’t get an IP address when booting. My router doesn’t show me the device, so I suspect that I don’t get an IP address. I already have other images up tried out the Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) to rule out a defect. They all worked and my router always assigned an IP address. Only the Yunohost image doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried both Etcher and USBimages. What else can I do?

Thanks for your answer.

Und noch mal in Deutsch, falls das hilft, weil es meine Muttersprache ist. :slight_smile:

Hallo zusammen,

ich versuche gerade Yunohost auf einem Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) zu installieren.
Leider erhalte ich beim booten keine IP Adresse.Mein Router zeigt mir das Gerät nicht an, also versmute ich, das ich keine IP Adresse erhalte.
Ich habe bereits andere Images auf dem Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) ausprobiert, um einen defekt auszuschließen. Alle haben funktioniert und mein Router hat immer eine IP Adresse vergeben.
Nur bei dem Yunohost Image scheint das nicht zu funktionieren.
Ich habe sowohl Etcher als auch USBimages ausprobiert.
Was kann ich noch tun?

LG und danke schon mal für eure Antworten.

are you trying to use ethernet cable or wi-fi? do you see any light flashing on the ethernet port when connecting cable?

have you verified integrity of your sd-card and image .iso file? have you downloaded the right ynh image file?

just guessing.

Yes the LEDs flashing. I used ethernet cable.
Yes I used the Image for the Raspberry Pi 4.
Yes all other Imgaes (for Example Rasiblitz, etc.) worked finde with this SD Card und Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB).

Unfortunately I don’t have a screen that I can hook up to…otherwise I might see an error message.

Hi 71aa0, welcome to the forums!

What a pity your first experience with Yunohost is disappointing :frowning:

You might have a TV with HDMI support that you can use, or even take it (together with a battery, does RPi run off USB power?) to an electronics store and ask if you can hook it up with one of their screens.

That way you can, even without a network cable connected, see if it actually does boot the way you suspect. If you also manage to take a keyboard with you, you even can press ‘Enter’, in case it hangs on ‘Do you want to continue installing? Y/n _’ :wink:

I’d start with @ghose’s suggestions, about file integrity. Myself I never used a ‘ready made’ image for Yunohost, but always installed it on top of Armbian/Debian. In case of no solution, you can do the same with a Raspbian image for RPi and follow the installation instructions for remote/screenless computers.

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