No Internet when router is updated with Adguard Home IP address

Hardware: Thinkpad Laptop – Intel i5 – 4GB RAM
YunoHost version: Latest ISO – fresh install
I have access to my server : SSH & Web Admin


I’m using an Eero to access the internet through my ISP’s modem. I’ve set Adguard Home up on YunoHost on a .local domain.

When I update my router with the port it keeps saying no Internet on my devices.

What am I doing wrong?

At a guess, Adguard is blocking access to the URL that the router uses to do connection checks. You should be able to see that in the Adguard dashboard.

Thank you for your reply. Where would I find that on the dashboard? What would the heading be?

It’s the ‘Blocked by Filters’ link, second graph on the top row, or second in the General Statistics window on the left, and blocked queries are shown in pink(ish). I don’t know what the URL would be specifically but I would check for * or * URLs that are being blocked.

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