No backup before uninstall a app?!?

Is it correct that YunoHost makes no backup before a app will be uninstalled?

Yes, so far this is what I saw in Yunohost.
So you may first make a backup and then uninstall the app.

Think this should be changed, isn’t it?

I disagree. App removal is a usually a voluntary process, if a user wants their apps gone, they will be gone.

The only situation where app removal is automated is during a botched upgrade. That’s why a backup is automatically made is before an app upgrade, since the server may require to restore the app.

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I disagree, too :wink:

Think it’s a good idea to create a backup exactly when the user uninstalls the app. Better save than sorry :wink:

The user may delete unneeded backups in a later step.

More better idea: YunoHost can ask if the user would like to skip the backup while uninstall the app.

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This I can get behind. :slight_smile:

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