Nging error 500 following upgrade to yuno 2.7


Since I have upgraded to yunohost 2.7, just after login to my server (via the web app) I have got a “500 Internal Server Error” from nginx.

>    $tail /var/log/nginx/
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:595: in function 'ensure_user_password_uses_strong_hash'
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:296: in function 'authenticate'
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:857: in function </usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:848>, client:,, request: "POST /yunohost/sso/?r=aHR0cHM6Ly9raXBvcy5mci8= HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""
> 2017/08/28 19:17:01 [error] 1526#0: *9 lua entry thread aborted: runtime error: /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:841: attempt to concatenate a nil value
> stack traceback:
> coroutine 0:
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua: in function 'hash_password'
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:595: in function 'ensure_user_password_uses_strong_hash'
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:296: in function 'authenticate'
>         /usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:857: in function </usr/share/ssowat/helpers.lua:848>, client:, server:, request: "POST /yunohost/sso/?r=aHR0cHM6Ly9raXBvcy5mci8= HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""

I have the issue systematically, on several computers / several browsers
Any idea how to fix that?


Can you try to do something like

mkpasswd --method=sha-512 'your_password'

as the user root in your server please? You should experience something like:

root@browny:/var/log/nginx# mkpasswd --method=sha-512 'toto'

You might want to avoid pasting the resulting string here but please tell me if this command works.

Looking at the corresponding code, my hypothesis is that you don’t have this binary of that this command failed

Thank you @Bram for your help.

Indeed, ‘mkpasswd’ returns “command not found”.

Some additional info, if necessary:
# yunohost -v
yunohost: 2.7.2
yunohost-admin: 2.7.2
moulinette: 2.7.2
ssowat: 2.7.2

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you tried installing the package “whois” by doing this command as root please:

apt-get install whois -y

(yes, the whois package contains “mkpasswd” because … I don’t know, debian I guess).

Then (as root):

service nginx restart

And try to login again, that should fix it.

I’m very surprised that you don’t have mkpasswd installed by default, we are going to add it as a dependency to ssowat for the next release.

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It works!
Thank you a lot @Bram,

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By the way can you clarify which hardware you’re using (RPi, Internet cube, old laptop/desktop, VPS, VM … ?)

Sure: I am running an armbian kernel ( on Jessie on a Cubox-i 4 Pro.

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Hello there, after upgrade i got the very same problem, fixed by the same solution.
And, for the record, i also run yunohost on an armbian kernel, Jessie, orange pi pc.


thanks for the feedback,

I pushed a commit upstream that should fix this, it’ll be available in the next release.

Sorry for the trouble :s