Nextcloud Talk notifications without Google Services

I’m trying to get Nextcloud Talk notifications to work on android phones (LineageOS) without Google Services. I have been unsuccessful so far. I can send text messages. I can send video calls but there is no ringing notification on the phone I am calling.

Here is what I did so far:

  1. Created
  2. Installed coturn_ynh app
  3. Installed Nextpush on android phone from F-droid
  4. Installed Nextpush server app (unified push thing)
  5. Tested the unified push server by using UP-Example app. It worked. I can send a notification through the app. It says that this means the android app has a problem?

I didn’t touch anything with nginx as it suggests. I figure because it works in step 5 then Nextpush is ok.

Anybody get android Nextcloud Talk notifications working? Nextcloud Talk is pretty useless if it can’t have notifications. All this testing I have done so far is on the same LAN.

My current setup is using XMPP for text and photos, and using Sessions app for video chat. I’d like to have an all-in-one solution.

I guess I could go back and try to make Conversations work with this coturn server I just installed if there is no way to make Nextcloud Talk work.

I’ll leave the above post for others that may want to fiddle with it. For now I’ll go with XMPP & Conversations because notifications work.

So now that Yunohost has a coturn package, I revisited making conversations work with audio/video.

I got it working (on LAN) with the instructions here

first install coturn
sudo yunohost app install coturn

now need to try and figure out how to make it work outside of my network