Nextcloud takes too much space

Hello there !

I’ve been using Yunohost for a few months and try hard to make my way throught command lines to make my server up and running without issues.
Unfortunatly, I reach the end of my abilities to solve this probleme(s).

I’m using a RaspberryPi 4 8Gb, on WiFi (to be next to the TV) with 2 HDDs pluged to it (one not setup yet).
I have a Nextcloud set on it, transfered to the HDD (2Tb, split in 2, 1.7Tb available for Nextcloud) using the tutos from Yunohost.

Here is my main issue.

I have about 300Gb of photos on the laptop. I moved all of it on the Nextcloud file on the PC to upload them on the server. Few days later, it appeared the disk (1.7Tb) is full while all the photos are not uploaded. I enabled the file encrytion from Nextcloud but I can not believed that less then 300Gb will take over 1.7Tb space. Even encrypted !

What can I do to find what is taking so much space ?
On a friend advice, I installed Baobab but not able to use it as no graphique interface is available. Is there a way to get an graphique interface of some sort ?
I can not find anything out of the ordinary on the web interface of Nextcloud, on the PC’s file and on the Android app.

I saw on the forum it is possible to run a Yunohost server from a HDD. Is it possible to couple this with a Linux installed on the SD ?

Thanks for your help.

Love Yunohost and big thanks to the devs for the hard work and make self-hosted “easy” for noobs like me :laughing:.

Try cleaning up deleted files in nextcloud (trash).

Run this command :

sudo du -shc * | sort -h

Nextcloud stores previous versions of modified files, I don’t know how to clean them.


I haven’t test it so i can’t say if it works or not and if this will not crashed all.
So take time to read the source (link below) and in anyway doing a backup before testing :

sudo -u www-data php occ versions:cleanup
sudo -u nextcloud php occ versions:cleanup

Source : Using the occ Command — Nextcloud 12 Server Administration Manual 12 documentation


Thank you guys !
Will look into it during the week.

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