Nextcloud sync error on Yunohost 2.6


I installed ynh 2.6 beta and the sync from nextcloud stopped. It seems related to mysqld.sock, which isn’t found according to the nginx log :

When trying to get mysqld to start, it seems not to be installed (anymore?) :

This might also be a coincidence,
If anybody has got an idea…

Could you please try systemctl status mysql instead?

Hi @JimboJoe,

Here it is :
Thanks for your help

Unfortunately, your link is wrong.

sorry, sent too quickly

Here you go

So your MySQL service is up and running.
It states it has been running since 2017-04-26 23:49:37 whereas your Nextcloud error happened at 2017/04/26 20:00:10… before!
So how is Nextcloud behaving? Did you try rebooting your server?

Nextcloud works perfectly, and I already rebooted my server.
Only the sync client (which is up to date, I checked) can’t connect. As the client has no detailed log, the only message he displays is “https://cloud.domain.tld is unreachable”, which is not true
I thought it was mysqld because of the first nginx log. As I sent in the 1st post this is what nginx error log keep giving me :

as for the time and dates, i posted only one or two occurrences of the issue, but it happens every time i restart the sync client to try and reach nextcloud or reboot the server, so i wouldn’t discard the link between the error and the upgrade based only on the time on logs I posted

update : the error isn’t thrown when connecting directly using webDAV without the client… does somebody know if the official nextcloud sync-client has a particular use of webDAV ?

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