Nextcloud share gone missing after upgrade to 18.02

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Nextcloud upgraded from 15.x to 18.02 over the weekend via yuno admin GUI.

Description of my issue

Upgraded Nextcloud from 15.x to 18.02 over the weekend. Upgrade completed successfully and the desktop apps continued to show the green icon, so nothing wrong was noticed at the time.

Today, a user sent me a screenshot of a MGMT_only shared folder that was no longer being found on her PC in the Nextcloud folder. I can’t find it in anyone’s Trash or Recycling bin. When searching the VPS for the MGMT folder, I get some results in the “files_versions” sub dirs of the two users, but none in “files” sub dirs. So that makes me think the data has been removed, and not just share links needing to be remade. In the Desktop app for the user reporting the problem, there is a 3 day old info notice (originally dated April 2019, though), saying “Some of your link shared have been removed. Due to a security bug we had to remove some of your link shares. Please follow the link for more information” and then the linked page is quite useless. Not sure if coincidence, or the reason for the share to be removed, but seems likely to be the cause. On my Desktop, the activity page shows “Synced MGMT_Only” 3 days ago. When I click the folder icon (to open it), nothing happens. So I’m fairly confident this was an upgrade action.

The more I use Nextcloud, the more annoyed I get. Just gets more “Mickey Mouse” over at Nextcloud. Sigh

At this point, if I don’t learn anything additional in the next few hours, I think the answer would be to mount a borg backup from Friday night, extract the MGMT_Only folder, and copy it to /home/

Is restoring MGMT_Only folder from borg backup the only and correct way to recover from this?

I can when searching for MGMT_Only, in the /files_versions/ sub dirs, there is a folder called “Human Resources”. When I search the VPS search for this, I find many hits under /home/

So I think this means things are more complicated than I thought and I’m super confused how to proceed. :frowning: But sounds like I need to recreate a Group Folder and call it “MGMT_Only” and then copy files extracted from Borg backup?


The security notice may have been a red herring, as it turns out the problem was Group Folders app got disabled as an “Untested app” and needed to be manually re-enabled along with half a dozen other apps showing Untested. After re-enabling a few apps, the server went into maintenance mode. After a few minutes it didn’t come out of maintenance mode, so I manually took it out and then had the desktop apps “Synchronize All” and now things seem to be back working properly.

tl;dr If shares went missing after an upgrade, check the enabled/installed Apps and make sure Group Folders is enabled.

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