Nextcloud security warning X-Robots-Tag" HTTP header is not set as "noindex, nofollow"

Hardware: VPS
Yunohost version: 11.1.15
Access: SSH/webinterface
App version: 25.0.5~ynh1

After updating Nextcloud today, I am getting a warning about the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header missing. I’ve added this line *add_header X-Robots-Tag “noindex,nofollow” always; * to the nextcloud.conf file in /etc/nginx/conf.d/mysitename.d/ folder and executed systemctl restart nginx. Nextcloud is still giving this warning however.

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For me update (and not add) of the following line:
more_set_headers "X-Robots-Tag: none"
with the following:
more_set_headers "X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow"
worked fine

It seems that your modification is not the same.

More detailled infos here: „X-Robots-Tag“-HTTP-Header not configured with „noindex, nofollow“ since NC 26.0.0 - ℹ️ Support - Nextcloud community (Warning, in this link the syntax is not the same as the one adopted in the Yunohost package)

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Merci! That worked.



Un correctif arrive :

Merci à l’équipe :slight_smile:



J’ai eu le même souci que toi, j’ai pu régler directement comme l’indique @CatsLover71,
en me référant à la documentation qui m’était proposée quand j’ai eu ce désagrément :

C’est cool s’il y a un correctif :smiley:

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