Nextcloud restore failed because an old (deprecated) domain was still somewhere in the backup


As discussed before, I’ve made a backup (using yunohost backup) to migrate my server.
Upon restoration, I had a problem with nextcloud archive as described here :

The issue was that at some point, it wanted to use the domain which is deprecated (and has been for months).

I solved it by creating the domain just for the installation, then removing it again, but there’s a bug anyway (and I could not find an obvious instance of kombayo.onlinein the files)

Well it sounds like your nextcloud was installed on so you need this domain to be available on your destination machine to restore this app (granted it’s not 100% obvious)

yes, it was (initially), but overtime, I’ve :

  • added a new domain for nextcloud
  • removed the domain to only keep the new one

I had no issues at all (for more than 2 years), so there should not be any traces of this domain name …

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