Nextcloud News Cron Job

I installed Nextcloud, and within it, the News app, which is an RSS reader. I created a cron job in linux as according to except with 0 for the number so it will go off every hour. For the record I also tried the number 45, for it to go off the 45th minute of each hour.

The problem I’m having is my feeds are updating what seems like continuously.

Does this have to do with the 5 minute cron job setting in Nextcloud? Should that be set to something other than “Cron” or turned off completely since I have the cron job set in linux? If so, how would I turn it off?

I want my feeds checked once, every hour. I’ve checked for other cron jobs running on the system but can only find the one I created.

It seems that your problem is not yunohost-relative.
IMO, you better should post this issue on nextcloud news github

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OK! I apologize.

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