Nextcloud first created user can send "mails" new created or activated usersin NC (after Update27.0.1/.2) "cannot" but all can receive!


My YunoHost server


YunoHost version:
Nextcloud 27.0.2~ynh1
YunoHost 11.2.4 (stable)

Description of my issue

Just upgraded to 27.0.2 and enabled server encryption.
Today I generated a new user (in younohost). At the first usage of mail credentials inside Nextloud for the new user and its mail address have been asked and accepted!
So nextcloud mail account creation on auto seems to work ok!

For my understanding, setting up mail accounts confuses me:
The user is created with mail account in yunohost! Right!?
Why do I have to insert credential in Nextcloud again?

If necessary: the mail-adress and the password that have to be used are the same than in the yunohost user creation dialog!?

The issue : the mails of the new user can be created and apply send but the email Server refuses to send it
new user can send mails:
but the mail responds afterwards "Cannot send message
Mail remains in the outbox
the other way round I can send a mail to the user form external
So receipt is working but send or answer not!

Tried with the Admin account of yunohost/Nexcloud which I never used in mail so far and here the same!
In spite of the admin account has been the fist user to be created/active before all other users have been created is not able to send but receive mails
Other users, which mail accounts have been enabled in the past before, are able to send and receive

So from my point of view since a specific point in time activating the mail server in the users profil seems to not being able to send even younohost account existed from before.

Tested the other way round and send from a former user inside nextcloud to the newly created ones. Send to several accounts from external and internal all worked but the mentioned new created or activated not
So the mail system is working (receive for all) ! but not for the newly in NC created/activated user.

Please if any one has an idea where to look send me the exact path and information’s I should show up

Thanks in advance

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