Nextcloud - Backup on the nextcloud serveur of a Friend +

Nextcloud Dev (Yesterday)

‘‘We are very excited to announce Nextcloud Backup! This app is designed as a peer-to-peer backup solution, storing your backup on the Nextcloud server of a friend or family member.
learn more about this backup app and test it out!’’

L’équipe de dev Nextcloud
Annonce hier la création de NextcloudBackup, cela permet la sauvegarde implémentée de son instance sur d’autres instances Nextcloud de ses connaissances, amis, famille.
Infos sur le lien

Good news Yunohost nextcloud users :smiley:


You made a mistake with the link, here it is : Beta of peer-to-peer Nextcloud Backup app now available for testing! – Nextcloud

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After reading the blog post, I really tgink that this is nearly useless for YunoHost users, as we already have really more powerfull backups tools (like borgs).
The NextCloud backup tool is really simple and create a big zip file and send it fully, borg does de-duplication and can make multiple backups without using many more space. Same thing for the backup process itself, the mecanics inside YunoHost make it so you do not need to have half your disk empty to save the other half.

So, this is nice, but as YunoHost users, you should use YunoHost buckup tools (not the one inside YunoHost as it is not yet made to backup elsewhere and is only just one big zip, but buckup apps available for YunoHost).


Je te rejoins sur le concept.
Il s’agit d’une extension de Nextcloud 23 béta afin de partager sauvegarder des données personnelles , multimédias sur la.forme de cloud.
En aucun cas une sauvegarde d’un serveur .
Bien à toi

Hi @Mamie
I agree with you on the concept.
It is only an extension of Nextcloud to share save personal data, multimedia on the cloud.
In no case a backup of a server.
Good to you

Do incremental or full backups in the background (short maintenance mode needed

I agree. Reading this thread, I am thinking, people should host Restic backups for each other. It does deduplication like Borg. It has default encryption. The password keys are not stored in the repository.

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