Newbie question about dns registrar


This is a great distro!!
Maybe even I can manage to host my own server!?

I have only one (newbie)question:
Where do I edit dns registrar? Is it a file in /etc or where?

I hope someone can give me a hint!?


What are you trying to do?

Did you buy a domain name and are looking for the values to enter in the registrar settings?
Try looking at this: DNS zone configuration | Yunohost Documentation

Or are you trying to do something else?

Hi and thank you so much for answer!

I am not trying to do anything special. I did get a couple of errors after diagnose and when I was going to edit dns I had no idea where to edit! And I still don’t! The docs say nothing about where to edit dns. I have never done this before but I want to learn!


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My YunoHost server:
Hardware: Semi-old Asus-laptop. Yunohost installed in Virtualbox.
I have bought my domain.
Yunohost version:
I have access through keyboard/screen and webadmin.
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

I am trying to make my own cloud storage and will use it for work (and more).

Here is an error message:
“Some DNS records are missing or incorrect for domain (category extra).”
I have an idea about what to edit but I have no idea where to edit.
Which file should I edit?

Thankful for a hint!


That is a bit harsh advice without explanation. It is possible, it is even the first mentioned install on our installation page!

The reason for advising against it is that it is more difficult to troubleshoot, especially when you just start hosting your services. The reason to pick a VM for a starting Yunohoster, is that they may have no experience installing Linux on bare metal.

In this case, routing seems in place, else the diagnosis would give many more warnings than only DNS. (If not, this thread will get much longer :-P)

Yes it is! I am sure you can, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


I thank you so much for input!!

I will look into it as soon as possible!


Hi again!
I am thankful for your input!!
Managed to get further!
One problem persist, but that is because my ISP don’t open port 25.
This does not seem to be a big problem but are there other solutions I could try?


You can try to use a VPN. More info here → Advantage of a VPN for self-hosting | Yunohost Documentation

Bummer :frowning:

That would circumvent the problem, but usually means paying for a VPN. It should also be possible to use your ISP’s mail server as a relay. I have not yet used that way myself; there are some examples on the forums how to configure it.

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I have gotten myself a vpn and am going to try to firgure this out!
Thanks guys!


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My Yunohost is now up and running!!
I have installed Nextcloud to be able to share files from work. (I have other ideas too for later when I hopefully know more).

I do still have trouble with dns (category mail) and I thought I may have to install a simple mail-server in Yunohost for this?

I use vpn now and I thought it should be sufficient to use vpn on the host (virtualbox sharing/bridging internet connection).

Later on I am planning for installing yunohost on real hardware.


Great, well done!

The simple, fully fledged mailserver that is at the basis of Yunohost is already installed.
The DNS for email is a bit more convoluted than those for ‘just’ a website, in an attempt to fight spam. For your website you only need an A-record (and an AAAA-record foor IPv6).

For email there are TXT-records on the side of the DNS, and a reverse DNS (rDNS or pointer) at the side of the IP-owner. In case of your VPN, you should be able to configure rDNS in one of the settings of the management interface. What does the Yunohost diagnosis tell?

Great! Now I just have to find the file/files to edit. Which is it? Postfix?
Do I login as root and find it in /etc to edit?


No, none of the DNS-settings are (usually, exceptions apply :stuck_out_tongue: , but not in your case) on your own server.

I got a VPS where the rDNS setting looks like this :


It is a screenshot of the hosting providers’ management interface for the VPS.

The other DNS settings are not there. I got my VPS and my domain at different providers. In this case, the DNS is, who provide free DNS services up to 50 domains (and it works partly automatic with Yunohost :partying_face: )
You will have to do something similar as this, but then on the same place as where you entered your main domain (A-record and AAAA-record):

Ok. I will see what I can do. Have to look closely at then!

Thank you so much for showing your example!


Tey have a FAQ page about all their supported resource types, but I couldn’t find a screenshot of their interface. They also mention PTR/rDNS records in one of their other FAQs (together with the message that it is configured at the place that controls the IP address: your VPS)

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